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By position…

5. Karl Anthony Towns ($4)

4. Paul Millsap ($4)

3. Kawhi Leonard ($5)

2. Devin Booker/Victor Oladipo/JJ Redick/Kent Bazemore ($1)

  1. Dennis Schroeder ($1)

Scoring on Towns, Millsap, and Kawhi would be exceptionally difficult. Also like the juxtaposition of their collective quiet with the bombast of the Warriors.

Get a $1 SG who can, well, shoot. And guard, preferably.

Get a $1 PG who has speed, can facilitate, and is an energetic defender.

The whole team has great hands and can score from inside or outside the paint. KAT + Millsap would be the best, most versatile frontcourt in the NBA. Kawhi gonna Kawhi — be the best defender in the league and score efficiently. Dennis is nightmare quick to the basket, has some nifty passes up his sleeves, and would be a headache chasing Curry around. SG for some combination of threes (Booker/Redick), defense (Oladipo), or all around hustle (Bazemore).

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