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Sleepy Town in India : Part 1

Watching a film was the epitome of our social life as kids. Small sleepy towns of India don’t offer much entertainment. Probably a reason why Bollywood is the largest producer of movies in the world, they know they will make money one way or the other.

In those days, we lived in a small town called Dhanbad, nestled in the Chotanagpur Plateu of India. Famous for its coal mines and Mafia.

Dhanbad had only one good theatre back in the 90’s. It was called the Pooja Talkies owned by one Mr. Kuber. Now when I look back on it — we were treated like royalty. My dad was friends with the owner of the Cinema hall and I remember being escorted by guards among chaotic crowds before the movie was supposed to begin.

In those days there were no Multiplexes, no concept of revolving doors that greeted u in , hell, there wern’t even Air Conditioning ! One couldn’t walk into a theatre till they opened the metallic grill gates and people would just bustle in, without any regard to societal norms.

Why we Indians are this way I am not sure but you see this behavior among our people at most of the places- be it a railway station, a queue to get into a bus, or sometimes even at airports.

One can probably attribute this psyche of Indians to the fact that we had to fight our way for most of the basic things beginning from our own freedom from the britishers. The population count not making it any easy on us , having to fight our way in for everything or it could just be given to someone else.

Ok, before my train of thought is derailed again , back to the theatre. We would be taken to a special small dark room where Neel-kamal chairs were set up for us. We kids got extra cushions as we were not tall enough look over the railing to the screen. I don’t remember watching many movies — but this experience I can never forget. We were given hot Samosa’s and cold Pepsi. We would sit there eating with our eyes glued to the blue screen with the hum of a giant table fan running in the background. There aren’t many movies that i remember watching but one movie that distinct remember seeing there was “Dil too Pagal hai” .

I was one of those “cool kids” who had the “C O O L” chain which Sharukh Khan wore in the film . I still cringe over that memory.

What was I thinking?




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Pari Mohan

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