Haywheel Redesign

What is Haywheel:

Haywheel is an online marketplace for artisanal foods, connecting chefs to the best food products from the best sellers.

What We Want to Improve:

An accessible, easy to navigate, and memorable experience for chefs to purchase goods on the Haywheel marketplace. The current navigation does not have search or filter functions which severely limits the usability of the site. Without the ability to filter, only certain products are listed. One of the key aspects of Haywheel is the emphasis on the seller and origin of the ingredients. We wanted to make sure this information did not take away from the products themselves. We also wanted customer input to be part of the product information to establish trust.

Existing Haywheel Home Page

Redesigned Home Page:

We added a search bar to the main navigation bar and added a submenu for easy access to the food categories. Products are separated by category cards on the home page rather than highlighting a few products.

Redesigned Home Page

Redesigned Browsing:

We added a filter drop down menu for new arrivals, best selling, top rated, and location. We also added a star review system to each product card. The reviews allow users to get more information from other customers about the items before purchasing.

Redesigned Browsing Experience

Added Messaging Feature:

The added messaging feature allows users to connect with sellers directly which establishes trust and accessibility.

Added Messaging Feature

Added Product Cards:

The added product cards shift the focus to be on the products rather than the seller. Each product has a quick-view option, with a light-box feature to get more information about products with the choice of adding to cart, while keeping the user on the page.

Added Product Light-Boxes


By making search more accessible, improving trust between the seller and the buyer, and balancing the focus on products and sellers, we improved the usability of Haywheel.