Be Stubborn. Keep Trying.

Learning to rock climb in a local park. You just keep going.

I remember being taken to the doctor when I was pretty young. My mother was concerned because I just didn’t seem to be putting on any weight. Looking back, it’s funny how what was once a problem would be so welcomed today. You see, my high metabolism was a short lived blessing. I don’t really have a problem putting on weight today. In fact, I’m pretty good at it. Doing the opposite? That’s the hard part.

Fast forward to just a few years ago. I had known for a while that that I hadn’t been taking very good care of…

How I overcame overthinking my choices.

Photo by Jens Lelie | Unsplash

I recently found myself facing the consequences of a decision that I never meant to make. The idea seemed to come out of nowhere and left me feeling confused, like I had fallen asleep at my desk and was being woken up by an earthquake. I had no idea what could have triggered this random change in thought. All I knew was that this shift of my mental plates activated some dormant area of my mind, and now that section felt like it was about to erupt. For some inexplicable reason, I suddenly knew that I wanted to write.


Learning to run again.

Coming across a couple deer along the trail.

It’s 7:04 AM and I’m crossing the street. The weather is perfect. It’s cool but not so much that I’m shivering before I get going. The sun is slowly rising behind the trees and it’s turning the few small clouds in the sky brilliant shades of pink and orange. I’m outside, it’s early, and the day is beautiful. I haven’t gone running regularly in months and I want to remedy that. My goal isn’t a difficult one. I want to comfortably run a mile in under ten minutes.

It’s 7:05 AM and I’ve reached my starting line. I look down…

Peter Mostoff

Technology enthusiast. Nature lover. Independent developer. Plant eater. Online @pmostoff and

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