Air North is a Whitehorse, Yukon based airline that has been in business since 1977. Today, the airline’s operations include scheduled passenger and cargo services to ten domestic flight destinations. As the company continues to expand, it may be beneficial for the airline to acquire new customer-focused features, especially for their cargo logistic services.

The Challenge

Air North’s official website is very informative; however, it can also be a slow process for users to locate points of interest due to information overload and lack of a clear call to action. As a result, most customers would rather phone Cargo resolution hotline for simple inquiries. Concentrating on their cargo services page, I find that there are key features/ tools that could be utilized to ease the experience for new, current and future users.

The Solution

My goal is to develop a mobile app focusing on Air North’s freight services. Using a mobile device, customers are capable of instantaneously accessing specific features such as click-to-call cargo locations, shipment tracking, walkthrough price estimator and other useful tools. Ultimately, it is about providing the customer with the utmost pleasant experience.

User Findings

After conducting a total of 4 interviews with potential and current customers, the data that I have collected provided me with a better idea of integrating key features based on user needs to enhance productivity and service.

User Persona

User Scenario

Arman and his family have been living in Whitehorse for the last two years while working at a construction company as a Project Superintendent. Currently, he is in Vancouver for the day to meet potential clients. After work, he plans to stop by Ikea to purchase a new range for his kitchen before taking his return flight to Whitehorse later in the evening. He will require assistance to bring his range to Air North Cargo as he has other errands to finish. Furthermore, he wants to install his new range the following day.

Use Case: Price Estimator

  1. User downloads app.
  2. User opens app
  3. App shows disclaimer
  4. User reads disclaimer
  5. User clicks “Agee”
  6. App displays main page
  7. User selects Shipment Booking feature
  8. App shows map routing display with instructions on top
  9. User taps start point followed by destination
  10. App shows selected routing
  11. App changes “Next” button colour
  12. User clicks “Next”
  13. App asks shipping type
  14. User selects one shipment type
  15. App changes “Next” button colour
  16. User clicks “Next”
  17. App asks measurement unit and dimensions of freight
  18. User selects unit
  19. User puts in dimensions of freight
  20. User clicks “Next”
  21. User fills out Shipping Information requirements
  22. User clicks “Next”
  23. User fills out Receiver Information requirements
  24. User clicks “Next”
  25. App shows Cost of Shipping
  26. User proceeds
  27. App shows Payment Information
  28. User clicks “Book Shipment”
  29. App confirms “Shipment Booked” ; Offers user to go to Home Page or Drop-off Location Page

User Flow: Create Account & Cargo Booking

Brand Affinity

Prototype V1

Link to my interactive mockup

Usability Findings

Prototype V2

Link to my revised interactive mockup

Future Recommendations

  • Sync with “Etars” (internal management system)
  • Include Transport Canada policies
  • Include interline shipment procedure
  • Create website version
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