How to Manage Prostatitis Management in the Natural Way

Frequent visits to a bathroom usually signal an enlarged prostate gland — a troublesome problem in many men. According to statistics, about 50 percent of men with signs of BPH require medical treatment. As there is no cure, drugs or surgeries can only relieve the symptoms. Therefore, many men turn to natural remedies for enlarged prostate.

BPH has been perceived as a part of aging. By age 40, it becomes slightly larger (the size of an apricot). By age 60, it may reach the size of a lemon pressing against the urethra. It results in slowing down and/or blocking the flow of urine and making urination painful. 
 How to manage your prostatitis in a natural way?

As always, prevention is the key here. The following basic dietary and lifestyle changes can help be of great help here:

1 –Eat more plant-based foods on daily basis: a minimum of 5 servings of a variety of fruits & vegetables, especiallytomatoes.

2 — Limit the intake of all kinds of meat& dairy products; it can help decrease the negative hormonal impact they have on the prostate.

3 — Limit the consumption of caffeine and alcohol as they dehydrate the body and irritate the bladder.

4 –Don’t drink water and other liquids at bedtime.

5 –Manage your weight as there’s a direct link between an excessive body fat and prostate overgrowth (fat tissues stimulate estrogen production).In a recent study, a link was found between high glucose levels and BPH.

6 — Increase your daily physical activity. Even mild exercise can help you in balancing the hormonal level and, subsequently, managing your weight.

7 — Keep yourself warm because cold temperature can cause urine retention and frequent urination.

8 — Eat pumpkin seeds on regular basis as they have been proved to improve the flow of urine; rich in zinc, they contribute to prostate health.

Those are the Prostatitis treatments in natural way.

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