Top Things to Know about Getting a Dream Staircase Design

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A staircase in a home enhances the appearance of the interior décor. These days, stairs are not only used to climb up or down, but also designed in an impressive way to add an elegance and personality to the home. If you are planning to renovate your home and get a dream staircase, then it is important to remember that the stairs should fit the design of your home as well as should be highly regulated by the local building codes.

With a perfect and elegant staircase design, you can add a splash of panache and style to your home décor. Before planning a new and functional staircase, you need to know about some of the important things or terminology that is associated with the stairs. Please read on to explore the most essential stair parts that play an important role in designing or building the dream staircase!

1. Railings or Handrails:

The handrails are one of the most essential parts that have a variety of names like railing or banisters. The purpose of a handrail is meant to provide support and stability to a person who is ascending or descending the stairs. The handrails are available is a variety of styles like single/ double railing and wooden railings. If you want to give your staircase a classy look, then opt for intricately carves wooden handrails that will add an aesthetically pleasing charm to your stairs and home décor.

2. Spindles or Balusters:

The spindles or balusters are available in iron or wood styles and are installed balusters installed in a vertical way to provide a good support to the stair railings. If you want to give your stair case a modern or classic look, then consider well designed and crafted iron or wood balusters that will prove to be worth and enhance the appearance.

3. Newel Posts:

The newel posts are considered to be a decorative part of a staircase, which you should carefully choose by keeping in mind the overall design of the staircase. This will help in achieving the best solutions. As a larger decorative staircase part, the newel post extends above the hand railing. You can buy a highly decorative newel post crafted by an expert artisan. These days, the newel posts are available in different patterns and styles.

4. Stair Risers and Treads:

The stair risers are the vertical staircase parts that are installed to maintain the height of the stairs. These are especially made up of high quality wood material, which you can purchase as per your requirement and specifications. A stair tread is one of the most essential staircase parts that are used to comfortably step on while climbing up or down the stairs. You can buy a stair treads that have a non-slip surface, which will prevent any kind of slip or fall issues and ensure safety.

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