Introductions Please

This is a story about… software product management.

Wow. Sounds exciting, right? Yawn.

But wait. Think about it. Since the dawn of the 21st century, we’ve lived in a world dominated by technology. When a movie about Facebook can be an Oscar-winning box office hit, you know the very fabric of our current culture is inculcated by the universe of tech.

In fact, you can argue the currency of the day is your knowledge and fluency in the latest technologies. And the successful technologies always start with a product visionary.

Call me Izzy. I’ve been in the IT industry since 2000. From startups to Silicon Valley corporations, from search engines to mobile to Smart TVs, I’ve worked on a slew of software products in all sorts of environments.

As I traipsed through this vast universe of bits and bytes introduced by Claude Shannon, I realized technology is ultimately about stories — user stories, customer stories, and the stories of the people who dreamed up PCs, the Internet, the smartphone, the self-driving car.

Through these stories, perhaps we can gain new insights into the technology transforming not just our daily lives, but what we aspire to as human beings.

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