Like a vicious cycle

In the struggle to survive

Where Venus is breaking her promises

And switching her lights off

Pushing innocent men out of bed

And the return of the sinner, the killer

Up, around the clock

Dawn to dusk

Bleeding toes

Worn out shoe soles

Chasing papers, white papers



Even papers bearing images of old men

Plague — chasing plague


Lack was a learning phase

Taken attention of

To a high degree

But money is cursed

Papers caused an epidemic

It’s like a prescription drug

Where every citizen gets addicted


Time to reap

In small and huge baskets

Brimming with plague

Sounds of guns before daybreak

And smart suits

For both the lucky and the unlucky


Then tales of suits

Against the lazy, the wicked

And men losing themselves in the chase

By reaping where they did not sow

The poet stares at his calendar keenly

The fortieth day was long forgotten, without a verdict!

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