Efficiency Performance Indicator (EPI)

I googled for the term Efficiency Performance Indicator thinking that some one might have already coined this term and I’m just looking for something already existing. But to my surprise I see that there is no such term existing. I came up with this phrase or term EPI 8 years back in 2008 when I started to score my daily ToDo list of activities. There was a time when I was not at all accomplishing my planned tasks and in order to motivate myself to do better and complete all my planned tasks in my daily To Do list I started assigning weights or points to each task based on it’s importance. The objective of this exercise is not only to complete my planned tasks but also to see how efficient and effective I was in completing my tasks. Thus was born the term EPI.

To elaborate say there are 10 tasks in my To Do list and based on the importance of each task I give them a wightage of 1, 5 or 10. Incomplete tasks get a negative point of the same value. At the end of the day I sum all the completed tasks and divide the result by the total which gives me my daily EPI. Say for the 10 tasks I planned the total comes to 50. If I completed 8 tasks and the score for these 8 tasks is 35, then my EPI is calculated by dividing 35 with 50 which is 0.7. Multiplying this figure with 100 gives me my daily EPI%. This is how I calculate my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly EPI. A very simple but effective technique to keep me motivated to strive to achieve the highest EPI at all times.

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