Stop Posting Photos of “Successful” Black Men
Tyree Williams

Per a friend: Capitalism says that with enough fiscal security, we can have whatever we want, whenever we want, regardless of how we look, think, or act. Classism & respectability politics determine whether or not we can obtain our personal desires based on the validity of someone’s character via outward appearance, etiquette, grooming, and pedigree. And since racism encompasses all these things (hence why the outward appearance of a PoC is always measured against both the assimilated majority & negatively assessed minority of his/her race), it stands to reason that none of this is right. Real millionaires and billionaires in the US rarely — RARELY — make a point of working on their appearance in a way that would garner unnecessary attention. Most of the [White] men we see who are moguls and heirs to high-end estates only keep in line with the basic dress codes/deportment of their caste, preferring at most other times to dress down & go relatively unnoticed. The idea that any PoC is required and forced to exude an appearance that Supremacy insists is indicative of success is only furthering the lie of social Darwinism. To say nothing of the countless [White] men who have committed unspeakably heinous crimes against humanity while in their so-called Sunday best.

And for those who would call me on some lie or unfounded observation I’ve made, kindly refer to the entirety of the history of the Italian mafia.