How to Choose Your Bali Villa? Top 6 Aspects To Consider

Whenever we think about “Bali”, we instantly think of heaven: white sand beaches, straw huts, turquoise water, and a fruit shake or cocktail in hand. However, there is nothing more luxurious and pleasurable than staying in a Bali private villa with a private swimming-pool, educated staff, home cooked foods and dream locations.

Whether you’re looking for some wanderlust inspiration or a home away from home, Bali villa accommodations are your best bet. But what do you look for when looking for a Bali villa for rent? There are so many aspects, but here’s our top 6.


This is very essential & can be based around a few aspects. Do you wish to walk everywhere? Do you’ve a car? We prefer to get around by scooters so our trail, which isn’t accessible by four-wheeler, is quite lovely. Always check out the area prior to booking. Just because Google Maps displays a road, does not mean it’s drivable.


Waters in Bali aren’t consumable so check if your villa offers filtered water. Most of the reputed villas include a purified water system.

Swimming pool:

The significance of a swimming-pool is personal choice. Since Bali is pretty hot throughout the year, we love having a swimming-pool. We have had small swimming-pools, but the bigger ones are ideal for afternoons when all the neighborhood kids come over.


Don’t ignore to check out what staffs are available for your service. Most villas offer a cleaner daily, every second day or every third day. Check out what alternatives are accessible to you & the times to expect them at your service.


Most villas in Bali have a TV, but always check. It never troubled us as we only watch films on our laptops while in bed at night, but if a Television is essential keep that in mind.


Most of the Bali villas incorporate breakfast at a minimum. Balinese breakfast generally consists of fruits & toasts/eggs or banana pancakes. However, if you wish to make your own breakfast in the morning, you will have access to supermarket close by.

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