Why Most People Do Not Achieve Their Goals

Most people walk through their lives like zombies. They have a set pattern of thoughts, behaviours and actions.

If they have a routine, it has been the same for years. And if they do not have one, even then they would be spending their time in similar ways — watching the same kind of videos, movies or TV series that they always watch, listening to the same type of songs, reading similar content, having the same eating pattern and exercise habits.

The most surprising bit is that eighty percent of the thoughts that we think daily have been the same for years.

Now, it is not bad to do the things that one likes. But it is definitely important to expand our horizons for our personal growth and discard our bad habits or things that no longer serve us.

The only time we ever stop to take a look at how we are doing in our lives is when the new year approaches. We think about the goals that we would like to achieve in the new year. More often than not they have been the same over the years. People don’t really get around to losing 10 kilos in the new year, learning to swim or launching their own venture.

Three major reasons why this happens are:

Not Having An Action Plan

Okay, so your new goal is to lose weight. You go around telling everyone that you will eat sensibly from now on and exercise three times a week. You do it out of sheer enthusiasm on the first day of the year and follow it up for a week or two maybe. And then, daily life kicks in. Before you know it, you have forgotten all about it.

So, the number one thing that you must do is to have an Action Plan for achieving your goals.

You must know beforehand exactly What you are going to do and When you are going to do it. Whatever you need to get this done should be arranged beforehand.

Not Executing Your Action Plan

Newton’s First Law Of Motion states that

‘An object at rest remains at rest, or if in motion, remains in motion at a constant velocity unless acted on by a net external force’.

Ever thought this law of Physics that we studied in high school can be applied to life?

Getting started on something requires the maximum amount of energy. Once you start something, nine times out of ten, you will complete it.

So, when the alarm rings, commit yourself to starting and don’t negotiate with yourself at that time about how you can do it later.

Just Get Started!!

Not Tracking Your Progress

It does sound a lot like having daily review meetings on your sales targets and might be off-putting. But one way to keep yourself going is to track your progress daily, weekly or monthly. This has two major benefits:

One, it serves as an automatic reminder and your goal stays in your mind. Otherwise we get so lost in our daily routines that whatever is out of our sight soon goes out of our minds.

Second, you are aware of the progress that you are making and whether you need to tweak your plan to achieve it.

So, these, according to me are the three major reasons why most of us fail to achieve our goals.

We are already into the fourth month of this year and I am sure that most of us would have forgotten about our new year resolutions by now. But we still have nine months to go and maybe we can do something different this year.

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