“How to be always happy” or not to be.

I know what you’re thinking, “the same old clichéd title” and a paragraph or two explaining how one can always be happy(obviously, the title says so) but please bear with me and read through the article because if you don’t something bad will happen to you in next 24 hours(just kidding).

Of late I have been really wondering reading all these articles that frequently appear on the internet stating how one can always be happy and what one should actually do to be happy. But, is it really that easy? I frankly think that being happy is easy when your life is going good and everything happening to you is positive. But when we are faced with difficulties, trying to be happy is more difficult than actually facing the problems or solving them.

A little backstory-

I personally came to understand this due to an incident in my life. One of my friends(Hi to you if you’re reading this!) recently faced a lot of problems, like a barrage of them and I tried to lift her mood and make her feel better but nothing actually worked. This kind of made me wonder what really was wrong and how I could make it better for her. I tried all I knew and nothing worked; nothing seemed to improve her mood or make her feel better.

End of backstory

This made me realise that I had to break the barriers of time and space to make her happy again. Sounds sophisticated and cool right? But I didn’t have any idea on what to do. I tried all the “tried and tested” methods but nothing seemed to work, not even music(can you believe it!). Hence I decided to dig deep and find the root cause. My “research” indicates that trying to being happy doesn’t always work for everyone. Some people simply can’t do it no matter what. So, I came up with a formula-

Happiness=(Your situation -bad stuff of it +good stuff you can achieve)*(a small belief)

I know it’s a big formula but think about it. Assume you’re situation is already bad and there’s nothing you can do about it. So, you try to find the bad things about it(may be the entire situation) and then try to find the good things that you can achieve in your life( doesn't need to be related to your current situation) or think about those happier future moments that you might have and have a small belief that you will figure it all out and that everything will sort itself out. Now, that’s difficult to believe but once you bring yourself to it, you’ll immediately feel that it’s just a phase like any other and it too will pass. If you have a tough time believing it, then just assume everything will become okay, that god has a plan for you(I know! the religious route, but hey it works sometimes). In the end all you have to remember is that “life is like a rough ocean, but you can always be the Jack Sparrow of it”.

P.S: If nothing works then just give them a warm tight hug because there isn’t any problem that a warm hug can’t put to rest.

Also, be happy folks(Just kidding, be how you want to be).