This holiday season I thought to complete a new project as I was free. So I started searching for project ideas in Core Java as I am proficient in using it. All that I found were ideas like hospital management, inventory system etc. Ideas that only involved storing data into…

After finishing the prototype of my webapp, it was now time to setup a development environment. Setting up the development environment for Hasura is different for different operating systems . Here is a short guide :

For Linux (recommended environment):

  1. Ubuntu 16.04

2.You can use the Bash terminal that is…

Prototype? What’s that? Do you have the same question? Don’t worry, I will be explaining in detail what an app prototype is, how to make one and a few other things related to prototyping. Although I had quite an idea about what a prototype is but still I had to…

The Punjabi Geek

Google Udacity Scholar | Engineer

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