App Idea (Task 1.1)

If you are just wondering what app idea I am talking about then please check out my previous post. The first internship task given to us was to come up with an app idea. It was strictly mentioned by Tanmai that our app should have only 3 screens. Screens like login/logout/register can be excluded. The reason we can have only 3 screens is because we have to complete the webapp within 2 months. So increasing the number of screens and putting alot of functionality into the app is not gonna help our purpose. This insight was brought up by Tanmai when he revealed that during his college days he wanted to make a time management app but could never actually finish because it had a lot of features. This also brings us to a term called an MVP. If you do a google search then you might find some search results that will make you think it’s related to Basketball. But we ain’t scoring baskets here and the term MVP that I am talking about does not has anything to do with basketball.

That’s what an MVP is (source:
According to Wikipedia, the minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future development. It has just those core features sufficient to deploy the product, and no more. Developers typically deploy the product to a subset of possible customers — such as early adopters thought to be more forgiving, more likely to give feedback, and able to grasp a product vision from an early prototype or marketing information.

I guess that’s enough for MVP.

So what exactly is my app idea?

I have come up with an idea of making a college attendance webapp. I could have gone for anything. So why this? Why not a book sharing app or a library management app that some of my other fellow interns are working on?

The answer lies here : No matter how silly or stupid I may sound to myself sometimes but I consider myself as a problem solver. A few months back, my HOD asked me to make our college attendance system online as in my college attendance is still recorded into attendance registers but I told him that I don’t have the appropriate skills to carry out such work. Now after doing IMAD I feel I have the right tools and the knowledge to do that. So that’s why I chose this idea.

My final MVP will allow teachers to record attendance of students. So How am I gonna start making this webapp? What will my final webapp look like? Just stay tuned, I will be coming up with the prototype in my next blogpost.