Every great story has an end, and what started with excitement and anticipation has ended, amid differently for each one of as at Andela boot camp cohort 23. Personally, my head is still spinning and the motivation and hunger is as fresh as day one but sadly, according to the curriculum, that’s all for this week. It doesn’t mean that we stop pushing our repos or working on our stories at Pivotal but the daily feedback from our LFA’s might cease considering the daily outputs were meant to end today. But that’s alright because, frankly those have been the four most intensive days of my life.

After a quick introduction to the team the learning intensity began in earnest and never ceased since, gaining pace and focus as the hours wore on. A few setbacks threatened to curtail my progress but help was available from all corners, be it from my facilitator or the team members. They are things beyond our control of course (like that blasted kplc company) but to compensate for those we become flexible and negotiate compromise. When I lost power for several hours I couldn’t believe my cursed luck but I took the chance to rest and reflect on the challenge so that when I was up and running, it was a sprint, not a marathon. When not writing code I was on pivotal contemplating my next development story or configuring things to work. Exhausting? sure, Life changing? most definitely!

While I’d like to go on and on about my new achievements, I’d probably bore you with the details so I’ll jump to the most interesting part, my team. The notion of working in a development team was stuff I read in blogs and while we were not working on the same project, dealing with the same issue and suggesting new ways to solve the same problems is stuff of magic. This is a group of people I like to work with and while some of the guys were unavailable at times, everyone chipped in as best as they could. While I received tonnes of assistance, I managed to assist others too which fostered the spirit of cohesion and integration. We might not have solved all the problems nor were we meant to, but learning from our mistakes, and which I did was important and valuable as we strive to be the best developers we could ever be. I cannot sign out without mentioning a few of this guys:

Kevin Samoei — An inspiring and exceptional mind

Lawrence — Reserved yet thoughtful

Bernice — Mindful and bright

Finally, my LFA, Felistas Ngumi, Bright and caring yet outstandingly cheerful. Thanks to you all guys, you made me a better person!