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What the future holds for batteries and electric cars

A dry wind blows a sandy film of hot southwestern grit onto the disheveled face of a man who stands poised and ready to strike as soon as the town clock were to reverberate high noon…..CLANGGGGGGG!……..Deathly silence falls on the townsfolk as time stands still, and our unknown hero grasps his long dutiful silver 6 shooter and…..

It wan’t super long ago I remember my dad purchasing his first cordless electric DeWalt drill. Its bright yellow and dark black entourage was extremely appealing and before we knew it, he was cursing it for failing to hold a charge for less…

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As promised I said I would do a follow up article from last month “why I drive a 234,000 mile, 16 year old car.” I hope everyone has strapped in with a 5 point because we are about to do some serious diggin’.

If you guessed Chinese on the Kana writing symbols that dominate the top of this page, you wouldn’t be too far off from right, but you among the many of domestic car drivers that are going to read this, would again, be wrong. Kana is a shortened from Hiragana and Katakana both found in the Japanese language…

And why you probably shouldn’t…

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My 2002 Honda Civic

Hi, I am Peter and I have a car addiction. I think it began around the time I first set my hands on a Lego building set. After that, it was small engines, which then became tinkering, and now it has developed into tens of thousands of dollars in tools and an insatiable desire to solve problems.

I am super passionate about cars. I have driven all sorts of cars, worked on all sorts of cars, and even owned all sorts of cars, so why own something that is so old and with crazy high…

The joy of self discovery and the journey to get there.

I have really struggled with finding a topic this month to write about. Usually, it comes to me in an impression that my senses then begin to indulge on. This month however, it did not. I was actually surprised when the idea formed in my mind about self discovery, and it has a large portion to do with the movie Cars 3.

Hud saw something in you, that you don’t even see in yourself… — Smokey

All too often I have (as I feel many do in life) caught myself feeling somewhat worthless, and knowing what I know now about those feelings makes…

“A theme we should adopt in our lives”

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For those who have read any of my previous articles I really hope that you will begin to understand my writing. I tend to write directly from the heart and try really hard to portray adequately the messages that resonate through my mind.

I have written on several levels about self help, motivation, and other forms of personal development, but when I felt the impression to write about doing what is required my mind went berserk!

This article this month will be more about my personal view into how we as people…

“The hard thing about rising to the challenges we face today”

I am reminded day in and day out how clueless some people really are about how great it is to have a hard challenge in life. I am not talking about hard as in someone having to go through cancer (though I would never wish that on anyone) or also talking about having someone have to scrape around for a few cents just to get some basic necessities to live, although this does have something to do with both of those. …

A tribute to my dad, always found doing what he loved.

Large crocodile tears amidst the soft whimpering left me hearing only a few last words from my father, “You don’t know how much this means to me. Will you place this in my casket when I go?” He was referring to the only thing that he wanted all his children to remember, family. He had asked for a family photo from me as a dying wish for his last celebration before his inevitable fate he knew was coming. The photo, taken only a short few months earlier contained myself…

The Jane and John Doe of the situation we call life.

Is wanting to be average, average? This thought has been on my mind for weeks now and hopefully between doses(I had surgery yesterday) I can portray the message I really want to share. So, what does average actually mean? Does it mean that you are one of billions of people doing the same thing everyone else does? Living in the suburbs with a couple kids and driving the latest version of a mini-van? Or, is average to you living out on a farm working hard everyday to feed America? Or is average something you are wishing to be? Maybe to…

The art of learning to own up to your choices and becoming more in your life.

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”
Sigmund Freud

While there may be a large portion of people on this planet that have never heard of Sigmund Freud or this quote, the facts remain the same about it being true. People are afraid to take responsibility for their actions, and quite frankly, we are way past due for a change.

I cannot remember the last time that I went through my day…

  • A vision is something we create a strategy for, a dream is just something that is an idea. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
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I would say, if I had to wager a good educated guess, most of us who really want something in life, really want it. I have spoken with many people who desire a good education, the perfect job, and to make a lot of money, but their habits and actions tell a different story. The question posed, how bad do you want it, really?, is there to pique your thinking mechanism…

Peter Neilson

Father and husband. Automotive enthusiast, and teacher to many learning the trade.

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