Clarity: We don’t care/Call: We must care

We are living in an age of hyper-information. I know you don’t have much time to read this. So I’ll be brief and get out of your way.

Let’s be clear. We are living in a time where hurricanes and forest fires are regularly devastating our communities. We are living in a time where extremists are terrorizing our fellow Americans. One party, the Republican Party, is adding flame to both of these problems. It denies human inspired climate change and promotes fossil fuel use, the very engine of our destruction. It incenses the extremists who wish to do us harm by promoting extremist views against other human beings.

Let’s be crystal clear. In such a time, at least ensure there is enough money to compensate the victims. The people of Houston, Miami, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, California, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, New York City and many other communities needed help. One party, the Republican Party, thinks it’s more important to give money to the richest among us and corporations. In doing so, they intend to deplete a common fund, the very fund designed to help those most desperate for support.

We live in a confusing time. Truth is denied and our leaders follow. But I pray this much is clear: Do something. Now!