Actress hosts Democratic meeting to help swing district

Hope Singsen (left) addresing the group

On March 26, 2017 actress Hope Singsen hosted the first “Swing Left” Democratic meeting at her home in the Upper West Side of Manhtattan.

Twenty four people gathered at Singsen’s apartment to discuss ways to be able to swing districts to become more Democratic. A swing district is an area where the winner of the election of the House of Representatives was determined by a slight margin of victory.

Swing Left is an organizations whose purpose is to find and locate swing districts with aims to swing the district from a majority Republican to a majority Democrat. Swing Left encourages its supporters to be active and use tactics such as door-to-door, recruiting, social media, and phone call to get people to support the cause.

Hope Singsen, who is an actress by profession, found this organization, and decided that it was her duty to help out be apart of the movement to regain the House of Representatives.

According to Singsen, the more personal the involvement, the more impact the movement will have.“Letters, postcards, faxes, emails, phone calls, town halls, protests..the more personal action [are the ones] with most impact.”

The problem, according to Swing Left and Singsen, is a man named Leonard Lance. Lance is a Republican representative who has served the New Jersey 07 district for five consecutive terms. Swing Left has targeted him specifically because of the margin of victory for his position. According to the Swing Left website, last election, Lance won by 37,662 votes (11%) which realistically could swayed in the other direction.

Swing Left campaign to stop Lance

Julia Samnso, a yoga teacher from Westchester, explained how Swing Left could be useful against President Trumps actions and how it has affected her and her customers.

“I’ve had people come into the studio after class, they explain to me how they are worried and scared for the future of their children… It’s really sad to see what these people go through on a daily basis…I cannot support anyone who believes [that] what President Trump is doing is for the betterment of the people because it really is not helping anyone.”

Another supporter of Swing Left, Giovanni Androselli, also offered his opinion on President Trump’s immigration law against Mexico.

“My parents were immigrants from Italy, they contributed so much to my success. Why should we prevent other people from the same thing?”

Swing Left plans to keep pushing resistance against Lance and eventually replace him with a Democratic candidate in 2018.

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