I have Decided to Start Writing

This is an announcement that I will try to regularly post essays from now on.

What you are reading right now is supposed to be the first post on my own blog in our beloved internet. I am writing this because I thought I should have some kind of introduction to my site. Below, I will explain some of my motives for starting this and give a little bit of reasoning why you might be interested in reading it.

It cost me a lot of time reflecting what and for who I’ll write. Typical doubts were: “Does another blog add any value for anyone? Isn’t this a waste of time?” I believe that setting a clear objective and expectation was the most important influencer for my decision to start this anyways. So here we go:

1) Who is this for?

For everyone who is interested in learning basic stuff about the startup industry, trends in startups, and other miscellaneous thoughts from the perspective of a German business student. Apart from that, obviously, this is also for myself, as I believe that writing has benefits for the writer even if nobody reads what he writes.

2) What will I be writing about?

I will be writing about stuff that comes to my mind and that I find on the internet. It will be a well thought-through selection of things that I consider worth sharing from a variety of topics ranging from general career advice over debates of current topics and trends to specific startup and founder advice.

Although I also consider my blog a diary of thoughts, I will not write about my everyday life but rather the learnings from everyday situations that I encounter, put on a macro perspective.

3) Why am I doing this at all?

I always enjoyed writing. It is the one thing that every one of us can do with only a little bit of education and it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves most clearly. It can be a great relief to write thoughts down. It forces you to channel your thoughts and think them through until the end. Writing a thought down and hitting “Publish” is like depositing it and makes me feel free.

Blogging obviously also has some rational advantages. It is an essential piece of building an own online presence and I fully agree with Ryan Hoover who says: “Blogging is the new Resume.”

In addition, as said above, I consider my blog a kind of diary. Regular writing perfectly images what is going on in ones life at that time and I am looking forward to screening through all my essays in 20 years from now, getting melancholic and hopefully laughing at how naive I was today.

Most importantly though, I hope that my writing helps others making decisions and taking the right directions in their lives and careers.

4) Where, when and how often will I publish?

I set my blog up on Wordpress with great help from my flatmate Julian Koster. I will follow Ryan Hoover’s tactic of cross-posting my writings. I will probably host on Medium (sometimes Quora) and embed to my Blog and later post on other platforms that might come up.

I will try to post weekly but do not believe in forcing it. I am a student, not a blogger, and my reasoning is the same as for my former colleague Ciarán O’Leary when he is saying “I’m a VC, not a blogger”.

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5) What else? Anything more to come?

I have a lot of plans! But I will just start out from here because as Reid Hoffman said: “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” I will follow the “lean startup” principle of iteratively becoming better.

I am looking forward to the times ahead. Thanks for reading!


The first version of my first own website before having published this post.