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Q & A: Adding onto a Vector Path

Q: How do I start a vector path (pen tool) at the end of another path? I’m a newbie to sketch, and can’t seem to do this…. I’m trying to create an object out of multiple paths created with pen tool….

A: There are a couple ways to accomplish this. The first is to make each of the paths independently then combine them using Union as described in the article. Alternately, if you want to continue using the vector/pen tool at the end of another path, you need that path to be open (a line with a clear beginning and end, as opposed to a closed “shape” like a rectangle or circle). When you enter Edit mode on an open path, Sketch will always bring up the pen tool and let you continue adding points that connect to the current end point.

This W started as a closed path. Using the Scissors tool, I opened it up at 2 specific points and continued extending the path outward in two lines.

Need the start point to become the end point? Reverse Path Direction! Need to open up a closed path? The Scissors Tool is made for that. I’ve written another article (and video) all about it and I think it will explain exactly what you’re curious about.

This short video shows a couple useful tricks about the Scissors tool and path direction:

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