Versioning, Licensing, and Sketch 4.0

In the last few years, Sketch has truly become a professional tool, and the user community’s expectations for both stability and new features are insanely high. I don’t know the business details of this decision, but if an infrequent purchase simply for access to updates provides Sketch with the resources to become what we all need and expect it to be, then I’m supportive of this new model.

Many professionals still have to pay $30-$50 every month for full access (not just updates) to Adobe Creative Cloud, even if we spend 99.9% of our time in Sketch. That means that since Sketch 3 came out over 2 years ago, I’ve paid Adobe roughly $1500 and I’ve paid Sketch $99. That’s just not right!

Something has needed to change in Sketch’s payment model for a while, and this seems like a very agreeable solution.