I work with a lot of designers who are still using Photoshop for digital mockups and designs.
Jake Wilson

The majority of the article applies to any screen-based design workflow—whether your design tool is Sketch, Photoshop, Affinity, Figma, or something else. I highly recommend Marc Edwards’s articles, as he has perfected a Photoshop workflow that streamlines working across pixel densities. Look through his articles here.

When setting type in Photoshop, “Points” are effectively pixels. 14pt text is 14px tall. It’s confusing because they share the same name, but…

…Points on a screen are different from Points as a typographic unit of measurement.

Type points are a fixed size—1/72 of an inch. Screen-based points (used for Apple devices) are only similar in the name, and they vary in their physical size. Apple probably should have chosen a different name for their density-independent unit, as a “Point” now has two unit-related meanings. Practically speaking, I have never found typographic Points to be used in screen-based design. It’s just Pixels and pixel-density-indenpendent units like Apple’s Points or Android’s DIPs, which easily convert to Pixels.

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