Create your own visits heat map for your website/app with Google Sheets

UPDATE: Google has now added the heatmap feature to their webinterface.

Screenshot from the Google Analytics App

The Google Analytics App has a nice heat map feature which allows you to quickly identify the times of day and day of the week where you receive the highest number of sessions.

This feature only exists in the app interface yet so I built a very similar map with Google Sheets and the Google Analytics API add-on.

Copy the sheet (File > Make a copy) and you are good to go:

If you are familiar with the Google Analytics add-on for Google Sheets you just have to add your GA view ID and run the script.

If you have not tried the add-on yet you are just a few clicks away. Check this guide

Not as beautiful as the original above, but it works :)

Use cases:

Use the sheet to explore unexpected behavior — does the traffic distribution match your expectations? If not — start digging. Where is this traffic coming from? Which devices are they using?

Apply conversion segments — are there times with high traffic but low conversions or the other way around? Use these insights to take action — e.g. driving more valuable traffic at the right times etc.

Add your use case in the comments below!


The Google Sheet to built the heatmap:

The one and only Tim Wilson built a much more advanced heat map version with R

Apply segments and filters to your spreadsheet data