PNS 8 Digits Domains are Opened!

To celebrate the biggest event of Polkadot, the Polkadot Decoded, and a bunch of PNS upgrading, the brand new PNS website as an appetizer ;) We’re excited to announce that PNS now opens the registration of 8-digit domains!

Register yours now at

We’re Attending the Polkadot Decoded!

In the Decoded of Hangzhou, PNS will prepare a bunch of peripheral gifts for you to play and win at the booth. Our co-founder Ryan Ye is going to give a talk about how PNS can help with building the DID infrastructure for Polkadot. Click here to see the agenda.

If you couldn’t make it to the scene, join our Discord community: We will hold mini-contests online, and winners can earn the gifts package!

We’re ready! Are you?