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Polkadot Name System
5 min readApr 1, 2022


May-16th Update

Thank you so much for your patience, the claiming of PNS pre-registration domains is now back online! Users who participated in pre-registration event can open to claim pre-registered domains.

Apr-28th Update

Starting from Apr-25th 15:00 UTC, there’ll be a period when the claiming is not working since some modifications need to be done. This is normal, please stay calm and we’ll announce on all channels when the claiming is functioning well again. Returning time estimated: May-5th. The validity period of the pre-registration claim will last until June 30th.

Original post on Apr-1st

Thanks for your patience, pre-registered domain names are now available for claiming! For the convenience of users who have pre-registered PNS domain, we decided to open the claim for pre-registration entrance before the official launch.

As a thank you for your support, all pre-registered domain names at PNS will receive an additional 3 months validity on top of the original 1 year validity! The sooner you claim it, the longer you can use it. If you claim your pre-registered domain name today, you will get an additional 3 months validity, if you claim it tomorrow, it will be 3 months minus 1 day, and so on.

Who can claim the domains?

Users who have contributed to Litentry or Coinversation for more than 10 DOTs in the first two rounds of Polkadot auctions and have successfully pre-registered a .dot domain for PNS.

What will happen after the claim is completed:

After the claim is completed: you will bind this domain to your eth address and officially own the domain. We will officially launch the PNS soon, after which you will be able to domain properties.

Prepare in advance:

  • The polkadot{.js} wallet address and its Chrome plugin (we recommend doing it on a computer) for the domain that was successfully pre-registered in the previous campaign
  • Prepare MetaMask plugin with Ethereum address(Added Moonbeam Network)
  • If you are using other wallet plugins, make sure they do not conflict with each other to ensure successful launch.

Now let’s start!

Step 1: Open the website, and click “Get Started Now!”

Step 2: Select the Polkadot{.js} wallet address and continue

Step 3: Select the domain name you want to claim this time, if you have more than one domain name, you need to claim it more than once.

Step 4: Connect MetaMask to get the Ethereum address, if you can’t call MetaMask, you can check if you have more than one wallet plugins causing the recall failure, or just copy the Ethereum address you are going to bind.

Step 5: Sign Polkadot{.js} wallet and Bind successfully! You have bound the .dot domain name under the Ethereum address, which will be used to login and manage this domain after the official release of PNS.


  1. Do I need to prepare GLMR for gas fee?
    No you don’t, PNS will pay for the gas fee during the claim.
  2. How long is the claiming period?
    We will open 3 months of claiming time for all pre-registered users, and the earlier you claim, the longer validity you will get, up to 3 months.
  3. Wallet plug-in issue:
    Different wallet plug-ins may conflict with each other and prevent you from claiming, please make sure your wallet plug-ins do not conflict with each other and prevent you from popping up.
  4. How to add Moonbeam network?
  5. How to add MetaMask to chrome?
  6. What is Moonbeam and Why is Moonbeam?
    Moonbeam is currently the most mature Ethereum compatible chain of Polkadot, and has obtained the Kusama and Polkadot slot. PNS now deploys on Moonbeam, and will migrate to Pallet version when the condition is ready.
  7. After claiming my PNS domain on Moonbeam, is my polkadot{.js} wallet address still bound with the PNS domain?
    Yes, claiming your domain will add your eth address to PNS domain rather than replacing it.
  8. What can this version of PNS do?
    PNS supports Web3 profile, registration of PNS domains, adding and editing of wallet address(including BTC, ETH, DOT and KSM), IPFS and other textual information, and the management of subdomains. Most features will open after the official launch of PNS. Show your PNS domain name on Social media, revealing your Web3 identity to your friends!

About PNS — Polkadot Name System

PNS is a decentralized domain name system for Polkadot. You can use a .dot domain name to support smart contracts, domain names, wallets, and NFTs, etc., thereby building a domain-specific chain that has its own parameterization and features. With the application of PNS, you can create your very own digital identity for Web 3.0 with a domain name that you have full permission to manage and use.

Your support means so much to PNS development, should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us by joining our community, you are always welcome to collaborate with us:



Polkadot Name System

PNS is an open, decentralized domain name system on the Polkadot blockchain.