Idjwi, an incubator for local development in South Kivu, DRC

The pier in Northern Idjwi is a boat stopover between the provinces of Goma and Bukavu both for passengers and merchandise.

There are few employment opportunities on the island. More than 80 % of its inhabitants work in the informal sector, living off agriculture, fishing and farming.

A pineapple juice production unit created through the project. Production capacity is at 2000 liters per hour.

500 temporary jobs were created to cultivate terraced crops. Combined with reforestation, agricultural terraces are very effective in combatting erosion and bringing back soil fertility.

Coffee is a widespread cash crop on the island.

A new stripping machine allows for the transformation of raw coffee from harvest to ‘ready for export’, whereas farmers previously sold semi-processed coffee at a third of the price.

Saouda, 23 years old, grows coffee together with her husband. The young couple has 250 coffee trees and also produces cassava and vegetables for their own consumption
Turkey farming is a speciality of the island, and a successful export to Bukavu and Goma

Jean Pierre is a veterinarian and works at the turkey breeding center. “Helping develop the turkey business on the island will improve food security for families and send more kids to school.”

The important fishing sector has not been forgotten. Six fishing crews were created and fully supplied. They employ 90 workers from the Pygmy and Bantu communities, which contributes to social cohesion.

Children of Idjwi welcome Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Karube during his visit to the island




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