Resin Fabric tape

Adhesive tape Steelsparrow can be used to fix almost anything. But a new product called Resin Fabric tape might very well be the only tool you’ll ever need for emergency repairs. And the secret is its special resin adhesive that hardens stronger than steel as it cures.

Some characteristics of Resin Fabric Tape:

· Nature of the object requiring insulation and being processed.

· Insulation requirement and operation temperature.

· Resistance against heat and cold.

· Resistance against impregnating resins,cast resins,transformer oils,solvents,chemicals etc., during and after processing.

· Mechanical properties like conformability,tensile strength,tear resistance.

· Adhesive properties like adhesion and tack depending on permanency of adherence required on the material surface and importance of tack


· Good Impregnability for traction machines and manufacturing Cable harnessing at high temperature.

· Slot edge reinforcement

· Our wrap and core insulation of ignition coil in two wheeler and three wheelers

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