Help us bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas. PO8 and Skullys lead The Bahamas Blockchain Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund.

Thousands are homeless in the aftermath of what has been coined a catastrophic category 5 hurricane hitting the The Bahamas. The damage to infrastructure is unprecedented and will require massive local and global support.

The northern islands of the Bahamas need immediate post hurricane support for residents especially babies, young children, senior citizens and those whose safety, shelter and medical care are at risk. Basic human necessities like water, food, medical care and shelter are vital…

📣👏🚀Breaking News

Dear PO8 Community,

We wish to share some exciting news with all you today. We are thrilled to announce our PO8 utility token will be listed on DOBI Exchange on July 25, 2019. We are honored to join the DOBI family, one of the top-rated cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

You can find more details about the listing, including depositing, trading and withdrawal times by visiting DOBI here.

Don’t forget to open up an account in DOBI if you you don’t have one already. The process is fairly easy and straight forward. You can open an account here.

Don’t have your PO8 tokens yet? Make sure you have completed your KYC in order to receive your tokens on time. Go to complete your KYC here.

Dear PO8 Supporters,

We would like to take this opportunity to give you, our loyal supporters, an update on the progress the PO8 team has been making over the course of the last 12 months.

For starters, we decided to put off our crowd sale like many others in our space due to market conditions from last year and shift our focus more to the research of shipwrecks and building our NFT platform for artifacts. Also, as many of you know, we have been very busy traveling around the globe meeting with investors, government agencies, and our loyal community.


世界上最受尊敬的海洋学家之一大卫·∙盖洛(David  Gallo)加入了巴哈马海洋考古初创公司 PO8,通过区块链技术发掘价值数十亿的沉没在 海洋中的文物和珍宝。这些珍宝散落在巴哈马水域,可以追溯到西班牙帝国时期的沉没的 西班牙载满宝藏的船只。 

防止因多年抢劫,腐败和缺乏水下探险监督,政府在过去 18 年中暂停其领海进行发掘工 作,但通过使用区块链,PO8 将为包括巴哈马联邦政府在内的所有利益相关方实现完全 的透明化。 

盖洛(David  Gallo)是在海洋学领域拥有 30 年经验的资深专业人士,曾任马萨诸塞州 伍兹霍尔海洋研究所特殊项目总监,接下来将担任 PO8 勘探副总裁。盖洛的职业生涯非 常丰富,曾作为共同探险队的领导者,创建了泰坦尼克号 RMS 的 …

David Gallo, one of the most respected Oceanographers in the world has joined PO8, a marine archaeology start-up company in The Bahamas utilizing blockchain technology to unearth billions-worth of sunken artifacts and treasures from Bahamian waters dating back to the Spanish Galleon treasure ships of the Spanish Empire.

With the use of blockchain, PO8 will bring full transparency to all stakeholders including the government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, which for the last 18 years has held a moratorium over its territorial waters preventing underwater expeditions due to years of looting, corruption and lack of oversight.

Gallo, a 30-year…

PO8 is The Bahamas’ first ICO and cryptocurrency project. As proud Bahamians we can’t think of a better way to celebrate our National Day than to let you in on our pre-sale. Set your alarm clocks for July 10 starting at 00:00 EST. You won’t want to miss out on this one.

In commemoration of The Bahamas Independence Day, PO8 will be holding a 24-hour pre-sale promo open to our community. That’s right! We are WAIVING the 50 ETH minimum just for 24-hours as we celebrate our Independence Day. Here is your opportunity to join the pre-sale with as little…

Honored to be featured on The Bahamas Tonight news show. Even more honored to be The Bahamas’s first cryptocurrency

A group of blockchain entrepreneurs in the Bahamas is tokenizing undersea exploration within the seas of the area using blockchain.

Marine exploration in the Bahamas is embracing the blockchain craze, with everything found on its ocean floor to be tokenized in a distributed ledger. What’s more, the Bahamas-based blockchain group PO8 said those finding would remain within the company under the custody of the PO8 Foundation. The PO8 Foundation will use those artifacts for educational programs and traveling exhibitions all over the world.

Raul Vasquez, chief marketing officer of PO8, told Cryptovest in an interview:

“PO8 is responsible blockchain project…

PO8 CEO, Matthew Arnett attends the Bahamas Blockchain Cryptocurrency Conference where he talks about being a responsible blockchain project and how ERC-721 Non Fungible Tokens make that possible.

We have some announcements to share with our PO8 community.

Private Sale Concluded

Our private sale has concluded. We are happy to announce we were able to secure an equity investment to further fund our project needs. This was purely an equity investment without the sale of PO8 tokens at discounted prices. So more PO8 tokens left in the pot for the pre-sale and crowd sale.

Pre-sale and Crowd Sale Date Changes

A new pre-sale and crowd sale date will be announced shorty. Due to a very busy May and June with road tour stops in Asia and U.S. we…

PO8: Marine Archaeology to the Blockchain

Leveraging blockchain to democratize access to artifact investments, while bridging capital gaps in conservation.

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