So, time to do something that I always wanted to do; develop my own game.

I have been playing games since I first got my Nintendo Entertainment System back in a year that I can’t even remember. I got the version with Super Mario Bros in, kind of jealous of my friends that got the version with 3 games in. So we did spend more times infront of their TV’s that infront of mine. This was good old times where the games were simple but hard, just like how I want a game to be.

A few years later I was at an other friends house and he played StarCraft over dial up modem (Yes I’m that old, if you don’t know what that is you should check this out!). I thought the game looked really hard and borring at first. He was playing and trying to explain what was going on.

It took me a few month to even try it but when I did I was hooked. They game was hard to play but not too hard but you really had to think and multitask a lot. This is probably the reasons why this game ended up as my favorite game of all time. I’m not sure how much I played the game but for sure over 10000 games online.

During my years as a “StarCraft player” I meet a lot of people that I never would have meet if I didn’t play this fantastic game. Many of them are good friends that I still hang out with when I can.

I can still hear people say “You can’t make friends online, they are not real friends.” and “Playing games are just a waste of your time.”. The last one might be a bit true but after all years of playing video games I can honestly say that I gained more than I lost playing. The thing that I feel have gained me most after the friendships that I have got from gaming is that I learned the english language.

I’m not a person that like to study, I really HATE open a book and try to learn that way. I can’t stand it. But getting the language “for free” while playing and interacting with other players made it more fun too learn. As you can see in this text the english isn’t perfect but I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t understand half of my text if I didn’t learn trough out the games.

That is a bit of my history about playing games but that wasn’t reason of this post. The reason is that I wan’t to expand my knowledge and since I started to play video games back in the 90's (or was it 80's I’m getting OLD), I wanted to create my own video game.

It started with one of the friends that I played my Super Mario Bros sessions with were always playing. And when our parents thought we played too much we thought of other things to do so we started to paint our own games on squared paper.

Ever since those days there has always been a though back in my head saying: “Some day, some day I will make my own game”. The time has come, I have been reading about how I could do this for a few weeks now. I have also checked out some of the engines and programs out there to see what will be the best way for me to getting started.

I ended up choosing Unity3D as my main tool together with Maya (I’m looking at a cheaper program like Cheetah3D to make my 3D modeling.).

I’m also not a programer (I work as a front end developer working with easier stuff like HMTL/CSS/jQuery) so this will be a huge challenge for me when it comes to the programing part. I will have to do some tutorials and also copy paste what other people have done and then modify it fit my needs. Here we can relate back to the thing I wrote about hating books and learning that way.

After I downloaded Unity3D I played around a bit and watched some tutorials and the thing that I really enjoyed was the level design. Putting things where I thought they should be and adjusting size and possessions pixel by pixel to make it look perfect. This will for sure be my focus for a few month. So long since I did something this fun!

I will try to post here as often as I can during my first steps towards being a awesome level designer and finally getting my own game done.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope some of you will stay and read more in the future!