Using PucaTrade to build your Pauper decks on MTGO

The Pauper format in Magic the Gathering was invented to get something out of all the common cards on Magic Online. I started to play this format just a while ago and since I owned a few staples from when I played Modern and Legacy it was relatively easy to get in to.

After a few weeks of buying cards from different bots and some trades with some friends finally open their site for MTGO cards. This is a HUGE thing for Pauper players.

For everyone that don’t know what PucaTrade is, it can be shortly described in a way to send of the cards that you don’t need and the make a want list and hope that people send you cards to spend the credits you earn.

The idea of PucaTrade is just awesome but there is a few small problem with it at the moment. The first one might seem small but you pay for the shipping yourself and that stops many ”foreigners” (people outside USA) to receive cards. I have experienced that there are so many people that don’t know how to send a letter outside USA. The second problem is that people ”walk before people in line” when they ask for cards. This is called bounties. There are so many people asking for cards and offering bounties on the site so if you are a normal users that don’t want to or can offer extra in bounties then you have to wait a long time to get any cards.

However I really like that you can send paper cards to get credits that you can use on MTGO. This is what I have been doing lately, sending of my paper cards that I don’t use and trading them for online cards.

Why is this huge for Pauper players?

Pauper is a really cheap format and the cards that you need is usually printed in high quantities so they are easy to get. This means that most people wont bother asking for bounties on those cheap cards.

There are a few people on PucaTrade sending out a lot of common cards so it’s easy to get what you want. Most of the cards arrive in a day or two. Some cards can be harder to get but there isn’t many Pauper cards that I haven’t received yet.

I have received almost 2500 cards online in just 7 weeks of using PucaTrade for MTGO. Seem a lot right? I usually ask for a play set of cards when I might only need one. But since the cards cost like 1 PP (PucaPoint) there is no reason not to get the play set for future use.

In my 7 weeks of trading MTGO cards on PucaTrade I have finished 59 (!) decks and I have 43 more going.

Why so many? I like the diversity and I want to be able to play what I feel for at the moment without spending hours to get the decks together. And again, the cards doesn’t cost a lot so why not?

100 decks you say? That’s must be a lot of crap decks?

Yes, probably some really bad decks but I really like to play different things all the time so giving me the opportunity to play so many different things make me want to play eve more.

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