Ethereum 2.0 POAP design contest

The upcoming launch of the beacon chain is a milestone lots of us have been waiting for five years or even more 🛣 🏁

The highly anticipated transition of ethereum to Proof of Stake is moving forward full steam ahead and the beacon chain is the first ETH2 network that holds actual financial value.

The main Medalla Testnet POAP issuance hasn’t happened yet but we consider it a success, as over 130 Resuscitator POAPs were claimed.

More than 11% of the proposed blocks in the Medalla Testnet have a POAP graffiti, the feedback from the community (mainly gathering around the /r/EthStaker Discord ) has been great and we look forward to see the brave early validators getting the medals 🥇. Not the lodestar one, nobody will get that one. We know you cheated 🕵🏻‍♀️

We have exciting plans for the POAP issuance of the Beacon Chain launch.

The plan is to issue 3 commemorative POAPs:

  • A POAP for each account that sends 32 ETH to the deposit contract.
  • A POAP for all accounts that propose a block before block number 1025.
  • A POAP for all accounts that propose a block before block number 32769 (has to have an ETH1 address on graffiti)

We encourage designers to join our discord and head to the channel #ETH2-design-contest for more info:


How do I enter the contest?

  1. Design the POAP of your choice according to these specs:
  • 500*500 pixel picture dimensions
  • PNG file format
  • still image (no animation)
  • 200 KB max file size
  • Round shape

2. Post the picture in the #ETH2-design-contest on POAP discord (multiple submissions allowed)

3. Stay tuned for the actual vote that will happen in by is sponsoring this initiative. The most voted submission will be awarded 1000 DAI. Please check out:

Connect With POAP




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