A Lookout for Your Unique Travel Guide — Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is a set of catch worthy vicinity in the river plains of Brahmaputra. The Wildlife Sanctuary of Pobitora is located at a mere 45 kilometers distance from the city of Guwahati and there are different routes to travel to Pobitora from the Airport or the Railway Station. It distinct itself for being the place where the highest number of one-horned rhinoceros inhabit the whole world. It had become the largest natural habitat for the Greater Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros in the world since the year of 1987 when it was declared to be a Wildlife Sanctuary by the Government of India.

There are a huge number of the one-horned rhinos in Pobitora as it is overpopulated with the large-sized mammals and there is hardly a chance that one will miss the fantastic view of these animals in the safari of the wildlife sanctuary. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is beautiful mystic grassland in the state of Morigaon of Assam. It is located beside the village Mayong, known to be the Magic Capital of India. People still come to visit Mayong to experience the long lost magical heritage of India.

Along with the royal and peaceful one-horned Rhinoceros, there are Wild Asiatic Buffalos, freshwater Gangetic Dolphins, Leopards, Wild Elephants, Wild boars and more than 40 species of migratory birds in the small Wildlife Sanctuary of Pobitora. Although it cannot be compared to the larger wildlife sanctuaries like Kaziranga, Orang, or Manas national park if only the size is compared but it surely can be a challenge to those in the matter of the variety of wild creature is considered for comparison in them. So if one is interested in the Asiatic and Himalayan wildlife, the rare creature named the Greater Indian One-Horned Rhinos or the South Asian freshwater River Dolphins or want to watch more than 5000 migratory birds then one can surely pay a visit to the Wildlife Sanctuary of Pobitora.

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