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How good are you with Twitter?

When it comes to Twitter, most of the brands, celebrities or companies are investing a lot of time and money to have their fan base — their followers — excited by the content they push and are always ready to engage, RT or Favorite…

But how do they know they are doing the right thing? How do they compare to their peers or competitors? How do they know if their marketing campaigns or their competitors’ moves have an impact on their community?

These are the questions we have tried to answer — in a data driven way — at @DigidustUS by creating Digidust Metrics, a Performance Index for Twitter.

Digidust Metrics compares how users manage their Twitter account with a finite sample of similar users.

For example, we monitor and analyze the way the Candidates to the U.S. Elections in 2016 are using Twitter to have their ideas and messages spread widely.

Digidust Metrics ranking 07/24/2015 at 5PM ET — Presidential Candidates U.S. Elections 2016

Yes, @RealDonalTrump and its Make America Great Again! is killing it :-)

For years, the common way to do so has been to have a quick look to the number of followers and say: “OK, this one is the king of the sandbox”. Of course, as you all know now, the number of followers has not that much to do with influence, even if many “celebrities” keep on buying fakes ones to satisfy their ego.

Digidust Metrics analyzes millions of tweets to measure the quality of involvement and commitment of a user by comparing it to other similar users gathered in the core of such a finite sample as possible.

It is based on an algorithm which takes into account dozens of different variables and consolidates them on a single profile which will then be reported to the reference sample in order to find any consistency.

After 24 months of work and tests, I sincerely believe that Digidust Metrics is now a reliable tool, especially to establish a baseline over time but it’s clearly for the players aiming to communities of a large audience — B2C — in Europe or in the United States that it was designed and brings the best of itself.

The rankings we offer publicly on the Digidust Metrics website cover different fields, such as Politic, Media, Sport, Education, Business, Entertainment… You want to know what NBA / MLB / NFL / MLS or NHL team wins the Twitter race? We have it.

@Warriors detailed ranking on Digidust Metrics — 07/24/2015

Of course, we also have private rankings that we provide in real time to our clients looking for a reliable solution to assess the quality of their community management, and keep an eye on their competitors. Some Media and Newspapers — in France and in the U.S. are also interested to use Digidust’s solution to collect data on specific topics. We started many categories such as the U.S. Governors, the U.S. Top Cities or the French Government Members for some of them.

When we started writing the first lines of code, we wanted to help our own team of community managers at Digidust to spend their time and focus on what is really important, like the brand content creation and the engagement. That’s the reason why we gave them a tool that was taking care of the performances monitoring side and helping them analyzing what was working well and what had to be adjusted. Digidust Metrics was at first a productivity tool for our own actual needs.

Today, I can say it has become a great tool. Our road map is still crowded, with very cool features I can’t wait to see working and later, available for everyone, but what has already done — basically the engine — is awesome. I’m super proud of our team at Digidust.

What Digidust Metrics actually does, is telling brands or celebrities if they’re good on Twitter… It does only that but it does it really well.

 by the author.

Pierre-Olivier Carles

Written by

CEO @Digidust. Social Media Marketer for Brands and Celebrities.

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