Business Can Be A labor of Love

A Labor of Love? A business’s sole purpose is to make currency; inasmuch to make a profit.

Do you ascribe to the statement above? If you do, the world’s raw facts will validate your view by sharing steps you must take for a business to make a profit.

You are able to see it takes these basic components for a business.

A) Product — Materials or a service
B) Resources — What it takes to get the product into the customer’s possession. This involves funds for purchasing or trading. People are also placed in the category of resources.
C) Marketing — How you are going to get the word broadcast (sow seeds) about your product.

A business has policies in place to govern how they manage each component. There may not be a law for everything, but there are principles in place to decide what is best for the business.

The results of these policies are very evident when people are hired and experience layoffs.

The latter causes managers to say, sometimes with tears in their eyes, “it is just business.”

Pause for a moment…

A Labor of Love

Now here is a question for you.

How many businesses and organizations you experienced having a heart? Is the business alive?

  • A heart of Fairness — A willingness to judge the right principles that will prevent discrimination and negative fads that will bring harm to the business and employees.
  • A heart of Honesty — A willingness to act on what is right or correct. This is involved in carrying out fair acts.
  • A Proactive heart — A willingness to take the initiative for the benefit of others.
  • A heart of Mercy — A willingness to make adjustments for the benefit of others when mitigating circumstances call for it.
  • A heart of Strength — Some decisions people will love you for it, some will love you less, there needs to be a heart that perseveres in what is principally right. The same heart of strength will also make the corrections when a decision was made in error.

You see, the policy reflects not only the means for profit but also the ethical actions of a business, company, and organization.

Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary states of the word: Policy 1) An officially accepted set of rules or ideas about what should be done. 2) An idea or belief that guides the way you live or behave.

Policy, when written and followed correctly, serves to protect the company. When all are well-informed, the reason for the orientation, new employees become aware of the policy. This also serves as a protection for employees and the customers.

Why is this the case? In an ethical way, employees are able to carry out daily responsibilities to bring in profit for the company. They know the boundaries and the heart of the company.

When you find an organization with a heart in its policy and actually adheres to all written within, you will also in abundance find employees displaying heart within their work. Really, customers will experience satisfaction due to the attitude of the employers’ employees.

What is this attitude?

It is not just work for the business, customers, and co-workers; it is a labor of love.


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Originally published at on February 18, 2015.

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