Pragmatics Reflection

This week, we learned a interesting lesson in our ELI class. The issue is related to Pragmatics Reflection. Teacher explained the terms and hoped students to choose a specific context to think how speakers and Listeners reflect in that situation. As for me and my partner, we choose “In Class” to be our context. Why we decided to choose this context? This is because we are students, and we will realize more about how people communicate with each other in classes.

Therefore, we decide to choose “greeting” to be our speech act. How students greet with each other before class? Well, for most situation, since you and your classmates usually meet and chat in different class or student clubs, that means you are close, and tend to use direct language. For example, when I greet with my classmates, I would like to say: “Hi! How’s going?” sometimes I even just say: “Hi.” That’s enough.

Another important part is body language. According to some researches, body language is a critical key to have a good conversation. For instant, if you say something sweet words to your lover but you don’t have any eye contact with her/him, how would your lover think? I thought all of us will agree that whether having a eye contact or not is very important to your partners’ feeling. Hence, even we discuss the direct/indirect language in the context, we also have to keep in mind that body language can not be ignored.

Anyway, I like this class, I found my classmates are good for sharing their experiences and knowledge to me, and I learn lots of different pragmatics reflection in different context, such as paying in restaurant or greeting with professors. That’s great!

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