PocketCoach Premium

We‘re proud to announce the release of PocketCoach Premium, a set of premium features available to all athletes for tiny fraction of normal coaching costs. Subscriptions are available either monthly or yearly for as little as €4,15/month. Skip a latte per month and you get can fully automated professional coaching, we think it’s a pretty good deal 😅.

Our Mission to Serve You

Adding a premium tier to the app will allow us to grow the community of PocketCoach athletes by providing free professional coaching to anyone in the world while also allowing us to deliver a premium coaching experience for those seeking more automation, deeper data analysis, real-time coaching, more fine-tuned training schedules to support complex race seasons, and premium support.

New Android App!

We also launched a new Android app (due to Google Play banking details…world of fun there!) so if you’ve got an Android phone, head over to download the new app; just login in normal and all your data will be there. Feel free to delete the old app once you’re all setup in the new app. How do you know if you have the new app? If you like visuals, check the app icon. If you like numbers, check the version number.

Coming soon!

  1. Enhanced training reminders
  2. All new training sessions
  3. Support for more complex schedules including commuting and race weekends.
  4. Better support for injuries & sickness (it happens to the best of us)
  5. <Insert what you would like us to build in the comments below>


We just added some features to PocketCoach to help us deliver our goal of delivering to you (and a lot of people like you) the coaching you need at a price you can afford. The app will continue to be free, we added some paid features on top which available monthly or yearly. Stay tuned for more greatness coming soon. Until then, back to Gotham Batman, godspeed.

— Team PoCo

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