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Did your schedule change at the last minute? Have some unexpected free time in your day and want to get a targeted training session in? Just tell PocketCoach how long you have and we’ll give you the best session for right now. Then, in PocketCoach fashion, the rest of your week will update immediately, because that’s how we roll 🚴🏻 🎉 🚴🏻

SessionNow Demo

To try this out today, make sure you’ve got a premium subscription, then click the ⚡️ button in the app and tell us how long you have. We’ll get a SessionNow over to you. If the session we give you isn’t exactly what you had in mind, no problem, just swipe left on it and click “Change”. Select the reason you don’t like it and we’ll find you something better.

If you haven’t subscribed to PocketCoach Premium yet, today’s a great day to get started. For €5/month* you can get all your Strava activities analyzed and integrated into your training plans (RideAnalysis), Real-time audio coaching during your sessions (RealTimeCoaching), premium support if you have any questions about your training or goals, and now you can get the perfect session for right now (SessionNow).

Got questions? Ping us on Facebook Messenger @pocotraining.

— Team PoCo

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*Prices may vary by region