Get rid of Nancy Pelosi — but then what?

Pelosi faces growing doubts among Dems after Georgia loss” — POLITICO

Some House Democrats says it’s time for Pelosi to go” — CNN

So, the Democrats endured yet another loss in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Here’s the question: Are you surprised?

Looking at the previous history of that district, the Democrats actually improved — Democrats spent the night on social media pretending to be shocked that a Republican won in a historically Republican district when in reality, the real shock would’ve been if Jon Ossoff actually won.

Just 7 months ago, Republicans took that district with more than a 23 point difference. On June 20th, the Republicans took it with only 3.8 points. I don’t care what political party you are, that’s a major difference. So as usual, the Democrats play the blame game.

Not your regular Democrats, the Berniecrats and #DemExit supporters in particular. And who do they blame this time? Nancy Pelosi — because why not? If we reverse to 2016, they claimed Hillary Clinton would be toxic to every race. Well, she’s gone and guess what, nothing has changed — the Democrats are still losing.

Here’s the three reasons why Democrats lost and KEEP losing: Russia, Bernie Sanders, and #Resistance. (I’m prepared for the “Bernie would have won.” people in my social media notifications any minute now.)

The Democratic Party let a 75-year old socialist attempt take over the party of John F. Kennedy, much like how Donald Trump took over the Republicans, but Bernie was unsuccessful. They let him influence the policies and rules that were made at the 2016 convention, and they let him drive the party right into the ground. The Democrats are so hell bent on doing anything they can to gain support they’re dragging around Bernie Sanders (who lost by more than 3 million votes in the primaries) with Tom Perez around the country for “unity” — let that sink in.

The other reasons why the Democrats keep losing? They think if they keep blaming Russia, Donald Trump will magically be impeached tomorrow. We have the independent counsel, what more could you possibly want? What can you possibly do now? Nothing. If you want to try and earn votes, how about we start governing instead — the Democrats are turning into Alex Jones. And the #Resistance? I’m all for showing Democracy in the street but if you think marching in the streets every day is going to make Donald Trump resign by the end of the year, hang it up because it isn’t happening. That man’s ego is too big to resign.

Nancy Pelosi is the only thing the Democrats have going for themselves at this point in time, and if you get rid of her for some lousy Berniecrat or a young Democrat — you can say goodbye to any kind of real leadership.

Uniting the party is obviously important, but the Democrats need to start showing initiative. Stirring up the impeachment calls and talks about Russia will get you NOWHERE. So stop blaming Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and any current Democrat in Congress. Start campaigning for people, and getting people to run for office. 2018 will be a complete disaster for the Democrats if the only thing you have to back you up is “Impeach Donald Trump” and “Resist”.

There is no clear leader, and the Democrats are in shambles. So getting rid of the current leadership in Congress is going to make it worse. It’s time to get on track and actually govern. You want to try and get rid of Democrat leadership? Be my guest, but don’t expect to win 2018.