Hit the Pavement. Tips on Achieving More.

“Small Deeds Done are Better than Great Deeds Planned.” ~Peter Marshall

Whether you’re trying to pitch a VC to fund your early stage startup, or looking to shed a few extra pounds before the craze of New Years rolls around or trying to improve the quality of your relationships, this phrase, “Hit the Pavement” is the solution to these problems and more.

Hit the Pavement refers to putting in work. It’s an actionable mindset.

Instead of brainstorming date ideas for hours on end, jotting down notes on how you’ll finally publish your blog, or mindlessly thinking about how to grow your user-base so that they become loyal to you instead of your competitor, the answer is to “Hit the Pavement” and get to work doing!

If you’re trying to lose the Freshman 15 — “Hit the Pavement” and go running, do some push-ups/sit-ups, join an outdoor hiking Meetup group, go to the gym, press play on your home workout program, do 10 jumping jacks on commercial break but don’t submit yourself to endless planning. Simply starting will put you miles ahead of others.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” ~Yoda

If you’re trying to get VC funding for your startup — “Hit the Pavement” and grow your user-base by 10% this month, implement feedback from your initial users into making your product/service the best it can be, form partnerships with key influencers in your industry, share your story on social media and build a following through great content and hustle like you’re broke but don’t spend all of your hours preparing your VC pitch presentation when you have no users, traffic or partnerships and expect to get funded. That’s backwards.

“Let me work it…Flip it and reverse it.” ~Missy Elliot

If you’re trying to improve the quality of your relationships — “Hit the Pavement” and set a time and place to meet with your friends for brunch, coffee, drinks, whatever and actually meet-up. When on Facebook, send a message to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and say, “Hi!” Go on a date with your spouse to dinner and a movie, watch a sunset, write her a “Why I think you’re Special” card and surprise her with it, have flowers delivered to her office, workout together but don’t simply browse your Facebook friends list reminiscing the good times in high school, or I wishing you had more time. The time is now. We prioritize what matters the most.

“Best marketing strategy ever: CARE” ~Gary Vaynerchuk

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop and give you the formula for ACHIEVING more:

Area of Growth + How can I “Hit the Pavement?” + Small Actionable Step = Achieve More!

Action precedes momentum.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” ~Zig Ziglar

This is a simple formula to achieve more. Knowledge and actionable planning is the precursor to this formula. As you develop a growth mindset, you’ll come to the realization that success is simply a series of actionable steps consistently taken over a period of time. After all, growth begins at the end of your comfort zone. So, when in doubt, “Hit the Pavement” it out!

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