I Accept You’re A Challenge

Please DO keep writing about the challenges in the lives of those who aren’t born to such easy privilege. There are plenty of people writing about things which are of interest to those who are… isn’t that one of the definitions of privilege; that you can expect to have most media tailored to fit your experience and interests? We need to hear the stories of people who aren’t like us. Like many people, I’m privileged in some ways (white, cisgender, educated, not outright poor) and disadvantaged in some ways (female, gay, disabled, one piece of bad luck away from being poor), and I *know* about the ways my disadvantages affect me, and the world. It’s less easy to know, without hearing other people’s stories, about how my privilege affects the people around me, and the world.

That makes those stories less familiar and less comfortable, but it’s also why they’re exactly the ones I need to hear.

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