How People See You

Have you ever thought about how people see you from the outside? There you are, on the inside. Thinking, moving, breathing, yet there are an infinite number of things that see you from the outside.

Deep down inside, we probably imagine people see us as the pictures that we see of ourselves. Oh no, I’ve gotten fatter, Oh no, I have acne. Oh no, I’m naked. But still, there’s an infinite number of ways that people can see you.

We must remember that everyone’s different. Everyone has different senses and among a hundred different cultures, you can be anyone. You can be the nerd that you see on the television as you have a slightly better education than the people around you. You could be seen as a brute, just because you were raised one way, when the others around you were raised in a different way.

Empathy. It’s something that we need and I have an eye that rests in these bodies around me. Maybe, I’m an idiot. I see this idiot. Maybe, I’m too drunk. I see this drunk. As I get older, I have a better sense of what people see me as. (As I’ve seen a lot more people.)

That’s why it’s great to see someone like yourself, you see something familiar. You sense something that you sense in the mirror. Yes, I do like that guy who’s tall and uses intelligent words. But if that were the case, how could we differentiate between, us and the others. What truly is the outside? Is there even an outside, when it’s all happening in the inside.

Sometimes, I truly wish I had gotten a better education, just so I could see some old guy spend his whole life explaining one thing to so many others.

Maybe, you see yourself as a loser, but the whole world could be waiting for you to win. There are so many perspectives that could be had.

Last but not least, ask yourself, how do people see you? Maybe, it’s not so bad to borrow a few eyes, as you see the ones that see you, seeing you as you see them see you.

(I literally just wrote this as fast as possible, so my Dear Arty post isn’t lonely.)