My journey in programming so far

Yesterday was my first experience with programming in a team, developing code in an intense pace, using tons of tools which I’ve not used before. And I want to write a little about my journey which led me until this event called ‘Coderetreat Lean Poker’.

I’ve started to educate myself in programming while I was doing a project abroad, related to my current studies at university which is Recreation and Health Promotion( yeah… half of me is obsessed with health and extreme rigorous sporting).

I realized after a while that I don’t really like to obey to upper commands, mostly because after two-three times doing the same thing, I’ve figured out a better way to do it. My boss wasn’t really open minded about solving a problem how a ‘novice’, a ‘new guy’ wants to. So I’ve got frustrated, and spent a lot of time doing awful, unoptimized work for somebody who is ignorant about new ways to solve problems.

On free days I’ve mostly spent my time walking around with my girlfriend, go shopping, low activity things (got tired of working all day outside, doing jobs I don’t really find joy, challenge or purpose with ). After few months I found a course on Coursera, Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python).

Heck! Why not!? I have time, let’s try this out. But the long and short of it is I’ve fell in love with programming. I can learn sooo much things, and they all connected, and if it’s not enough, the main goal is to be effective and simple! And people involved in coding open about improving things. Wait what?! That’s what I’ve been looking for!

I continued to learn, nowadays spend my time on the Treehouse site until my Software Developer IRL course starts. Well yeah, we left our learning project abroad, because both of us realized we got a huge thing to work on. My girlfriend now working in a bar, in the meantime preparing for his graphic designer course. She also realized that she needs to fight for her passion. And after we came back, I’ve applied for a super intense junior software developer course. I really wanted to get in and gain experience in this field, but in the beginning I was scared a little. The entrance examination consist 4 parts and I even applied for a scholarship. But I’ve got it in the end :)

After you’ve read these I’ve just want to write some short evaluation of my past half a year. Be brave, really, be brave to jump into new things and be persistent all time.

Yesterday I’ve made a lot of mistakes at the Lean Poker event. I don’t really know how to use Git or write proper test, but I went there and now I know about these flaws, and also know where am I currently in the learning phase.

To sum up, I really like what I’m doing now. Sometimes I feel guilty if I don’t study a day; because other IRL stuffs overwhelm my capacity; but I enjoy to be able to learn about computer science and programming.

Thank you for reading this! Feel free to contact me.


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