Online Poker Tournaments.

How do Online Poker Tournaments Work?

Have you asked this to yourself or in the various online poker forums about how online poker tournaments work or to your friends, it doesn’t matter. Obviously, you must be still asking this and if you aren’t, you should.

You are a newcomer and you don’t have enough to fund your accounts to play the ring games, these tournaments then become your vehicle to help you build your bankrolls. You slowly grasp the ropes and come to know, how much to play and when to play.

Online Poker Tournaments are a great way to start your online poker life, they help you to be in the game, learn the skills and most of the time they hardly put any pressure to none on your finances. These online poker tournaments come in various permutations and combinations but can be broadly categorized into:

Freerolls are online poker tournaments that, as the name suggests, are free and open to all. They are just like play money games and tournaments, with one major difference: when you play a freeroll tournament, you can actually win some serious real money prizes. The entry is free and the prizes are on the house. Sounds fun? It does, right and it’s a great way to have pure, long lasting fun at the online poker tables. Freerolls are the best way to build and boost your poker bankroll. It doesn’t hurt playing in big money freerolls when you don’t have to invest anything from your pocket. Guaranteed Tournaments

  1. Guaranteed Tournaments (GTD):

Guaranteed Tournaments or GTD is a tournament where winner is guaranteed of winning exciting real money prizes. The guaranteed tournaments offer real money prizes, with tournament buy-in fees that could range from low to a medium and high entry fee also called buy-in fees.

How Do Guaranteed Tournaments Work?

Guaranteed tournaments also known as GTD’s are the tournaments paying out a guaranteed amount irrespective of the players registering to the tournament. A GTD will have a fixed prize pool and fixed number of in-the-money players would be paid in the end. For example, let there be a GTD with a minimum guaranteed prize pool of Rs 50,000 and with a buy-in fees of Rs 1000, with the minimum number of players needed being 20. Then, in case of only 20 players showing up, Rs 30,000 would go to the prize pool through the total fees contributed by the players, and the rest of the amount would be contributed by to complete the prize pool. If, however, 100 players show up, then the prize pool goes up to Rs 1 lakh, which is twice the minimum guaranteed sum. Now if we also assume that the top five in the money players are rewarded in this tournament, then these players shall each receive their respective share of the prize pool.

A Tip: Guaranteed tournaments pay out a guaranteed prize pool, and if they can’t get enough players to meet the guarantee the site has to pay the remainder. Those are always the best to play.

Thus Benefits of a GTD are:

Guaranteed and fixed amount to play for.

Low number of registrations will give an advantage to win the big amount.

Regularly scheduled tournaments to give you the maximum number of opportunities.

2. Sit and Go Tournaments.

A sit and go tournament has no scheduled start time. For these tournaments to begin, players need to be seated on all the seats on the S&G table. You don’t need to register in advance for a Sit & Go as you can quite simply walk in and participate as long as there’s even a single seat left for you to take. In order to play, players need to buy-in, which is a fixed amount. This buy-in amount comprises of the individual entry fee as well as that player’s contribution to the overall prize pool. If one uses the correct strategy, S&G tournaments can be a quick way to earn a great deal of money. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the faster game play in S&G tournaments needs a slight change in strategy than the other types of tournaments.

Sit & Go Tournament Fees

The appropriate buy-in amount, which is fixed for a particular S&G tournament, is deducted from the player’s poker account at the time of taking the seat. In case the player leaves before the tournament starts, the fee is returned. But these structures could be different for different online sites, please check the rules before entering them.

Satellite tournaments are a great opening doors for a lot of newcomers and old pros to go for bigger prizes and win the buy-ins for those tournaments by playing tournaments of that particular satellite.

The end price could be a buy-in to a very big poker event like a WSOP or some tournament that guarantees an awesome gadget or a tour etc, etc.

There are tiers attached to the tournaments and they start cheap or with no buy-ins and go on to higher tiers where the buy-ins are big but the winner of the lower tier gets to play those for free.

There are plenty of combinations, permutations attached to these basic categories of tournaments, there are online sites that offer bounty tournaments or hand of the day tournaments or many more combinations.

Online Poker Tournaments are for fun and learning how to build your bankroll for your ring games.You buy-in low and go to build your income from online poker through such awesome tournaments.

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