Introducing Podia: Coach has changed its name (and launched Memberships!)

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We have three big announcements today.

We’ve changed our name. We’ve launched a powerful new way for creators to make money. And we’ve raised some funding.

But first, a bit of important context as to why.

Making money as a creator is hard

Many people try to turn their knowledge into online courses, eBooks and other digital products to help others.

Then they try to sell those products, and they realize how hard and unrewarding it can be.

They quickly to run into problems like:

  • Technical headaches from trying to figure out how to create, deliver, host and manage their products.

But as a creator who wants — and deserves — to earn money for your work, what other options do you have?

Sure, you could try to generate enough traffic to make money from ads on your site. But it’s a hard way to make a living; you’ll likely need 2.5+ million visits per year to earn even $1,000 per month.

Or, you could try and court sponsors. But for most creators without millions of readers, sponsor payouts are meager and unpredictable, and like ad networks, they put your income into the hands of someone else; someone who can cut that revenue off at will.

Neither of these options are good for creators.

We believe that everyone has something to teach, and that everyone should be able to earn an income from doing so.

The best, most profitable and most sustainable way to do this is by selling directly to your audience.

And today, we’re excited to take a few more big steps toward making life — and success — a whole lot easier for creators.

Yesterday we were Coach. Today we’re Podia.

For a while now, we’ve wanted to change our name to something that better represented what we help our creators do.

We’d been brainstorming new names, when a few months ago, a customer suggested the name Podia.



Definition: The plural form of podium, a small platform on which a person may stand to be seen by an audience.

Right away, it felt perfect. Podia captures exactly what our product helps our creators do: stand and be seen by their readers, fans and customers.

A podium creates authority, and authority is the foundation on which thousands of our creators have built their online businesses on.

We love the name, and we hope you do, too.

Check out the new look of Podia.

Memberships are here: recurring revenue for creators

Since 2015, we’ve been fortunate to help more than 7,500 creators sell millions of dollars in online courses and digital downloads with Podia.

And today, we’re adding a new way for our creators to make money. One that can generate steady, predictable income each month: Membership subscriptions.

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In exchange for sharing something with your members — exclusive content, behind-the-scenes updates or private online events, for example — your members pay you a monthly fee.

With the help of many of our customers, we’ve built what we believe is the best and easiest-to-use membership platform on the market.

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What makes Podia Memberships different from any other tool out there, aside from its simplicity, is that it seamlessly integrates with your other Podia digital products. So if you have Online Courses or Digital Downloads with Podia, you can include them as Membership perks with a single click.

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You can now sell your Online Courses, Digital Downloads and Memberships from a single digital storefront, and keep all of your customers and payments — across all of your products — in one place.

Learn more about Podia Memberships on our new site.

We’ve raised $3m in funding

Our mission to empower any creator to build an online business is an ambitious one. And while we’ve done a lot with our six-person team, there’s a lot more we’d like to do.

So we’ve (very) carefully raised $3 million in funding from a group of amazing and supportive investors who share our vision.

We’re going to spend every penny on making a better product that helps you earn more money, and on building a better business so that we can be around to serve you for many years to come.

More to come

With Memberships released, we’ve taken a huge step in making it easier for creators to earn money online.

But we still have a lot to do. Over the coming months, you’ll be seeing more updates and new features in Podia that will make creating and selling digital products easier, more profitable and more fun.

We wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t have these opportunities, without the support of our amazing customers. So for those of you who trust us with your online business: thank you.

And for those of you that haven’t given Podia a try just yet: we’d love to meet you.

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