Splatoon 3 Enjoy the full -fledged dynamo. Kimtaku self -sufficient to enjoy with Steam. Working at the Foundation in SCP: Secret Files and is scared. This week’s gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 354th time. The end of the festival.

This week, I played the trial version of To Long: Fallen Dynasty on Steam Deck. However, since the Steam version is not distributed, it is a remote play from the Xbox Series X itself. Steam deck can be handled as a normal PC when switched to desktop mode. If you introduce the client that volunteers have worked on, you will be able to play Xbox remote play.

For STEAM DECK, Microsoft offers a support page how to play Xbox Game Pass games through the cloud. It is recommended for those who are new to Steam because they can access about 400 titles at a stretch. Although the setting of the introduction is complicated, it is unique to PC that you can enjoy games other than Steam if you devise them. It would be the easiest if the official app was distributed on Steam, but there would be a situation in each company. By. Tier Yamagata

This week, I worked as a Foundation staff at SCP: Secret Files. The SCP Foundation, an organization that manages unusual existence, such as something that causes mysterious and paranormal phenomena. This work is an adventure game that experiences the world of SCP from the perspective of Karl Astana, a rookie staff of such a foundation. Karl’s job is to organize materials, so he basically only creates a sentence toward the Foundation’s computer. On the other hand, from the player’s point of view, some scenes are developed as different games. Anomalies, such as experiments and detention violations, are drawn in an omnibus format.

Play time is about a few hours. Game play is basically simple enough to operate according to the story of the story. This work is a work that expresses the world of SCP in a game. However, in this work, the world of anomalies and SCP that appears is drawn carefully, making it quite like that. The world where the eerie and mysterious anomaly exist was expressed on the game. By. Each Yokohama

This week, the Steam version was playing JUDGE EYES: Reapered Remastered, starring Tanya Timur, which was launched by Tanya Timur. Although I play the Dragon Like series, I haven’t played the same work and sequel. On this occasion, he made his debut, Intake, which was highly evaluated.

When you start the game, you will naturally be a full course of Intake. First, you will taste the beautiful intake just to protrude. The author is a direct hit generation of the prosecutor’s prosecutor drama Hero starring Intake, but probably the production and character creation that are conscious of that. And from homeless Intake to stylish Intake. It is only Intake that the jeans are very cool even if they are extremely crisp.

The construction of Intake in this work is not odd. However, on the other hand, I also feel different from the Intake I have tasted so far. Although it is not clear, it may be due to the fact that it is dropped into a 3D model in the game and the situation of the first experience of life, you can move Intake yourself. Instead of just accepting the real Intake flowing on the screen, it is an act of self-sufficient Intake. I’m glad I could play this work with that al1. As an aside, in this article, it seems that Intake has been described 14 times so far. By. Meiji Marita

I’m just doing Platoon 3. I was doing it near Chiba Madurai. Furthermore, I was playing only salmon runs this weekend. This is because you can’t use dynamo rollers unconditionally.

I loved Dynamo Roller from 1. Just shake it can be intimidated on the front line, and you can kill. Anyway, the presence has been spent with this BKI. However, over time, the swing will be slow, the fuel economy will worsen, and the weakened color will be darkened. 3 has become widely painted, but the attack power has been slightly reduced. I think so. Isn’t it possible to use dynamo? When using the dynamo, the winning rate was falling, and I was self-restraining in consideration of allies.

However, in the salmon run rote on the weekend, dynamo shines. Dynamo wide paint is insanely effective in the lineup with a lot of painting. And Okashirashake is really effective for the roller run over. All three times when I met Kashmir Shake, I had my dynamo, contributing to defeat. I have to use dynamo, so I don’t want to be back, I can play an active part, and it’s full of good things. Rote is over today, but I decided to do my best to be able to play an active part in Kawasaki and Ga chi. I will give up right away. By. AUO Keybase



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