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Original blog post on https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/PartnerApps/Office-365-Integration-Increases-Appeal-of-Nexticy-App-for-Forms:

Poem LLC partnered with Microsoft Go-To-Market Services to promote the launch of its Nexticy app, built for the creation and management of paperlike forms — a new kind of content for Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft used its social media outlets to expose a huge audience to Nexticy.

“Our Azure and Office 365 App of the Day tweets reached more than 1 million followers. It led to increased traffic, and our Twitter followers grew by nearly 10 percent,” said Serg Show, Nexticy founder. Find out more about the partnership by downloading the success story.

With the…

Poem LLC makes your business paperless with Nexticy

Representatives of small and medium businesses see an opportunity to create and implement paper reports in digital form with the cloud service Nexticy

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Poem LLC launched Nexticy app for creation and management of paper-like forms — a new kind of content for Microsoft Office 365. With the Nexticy app, performing rapid client registrations, collecting and organizing of daily reports, assembling feedback and reviews, generating questionnaires and surveys does not require any amplified effort or consume any extra time. Small and medium businesses, public institutions and municipal agencies will be able to move…

What’s Your Company’s Social Personality?

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Social media offers B2B companies an opportunity to put a face to their brand, something that is difficult to achieve through traditional marketing channels such as email and advertising.

“Your social personality gives your business its human voice and face on social networks,” said Heidi Cohen, Chief Content Officer for the Actionable Marketing Guide. “Your entire organization must understand it and be able to integrate it into their social media interactions.”

Cohen highlighted three ways B2B marketers can use social media to increase demand:

  • Spotlight customers to show your product in use and provide customer input as to why they…

Nexticy cloud App is created to fit your needs. From the beginning to the very end, you can control creation of your e-docs by adding different element types, as a result in the form they meet and transcend your demands.

If you haven’t decided yet what items will be more suitable for collecting information from your forms, here are the most useful, time-saving, and popular Nexticy element types.

In our opinion, Table object heads this list because of its calculation option. Use it mostly to create invoices or daily reports of any kind and complexity by setting basic formulas in…

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Healthcare is the most important industry of Homo sapiens’ life. At the same time, it also heads the rating of time and efforts costs in the regular paper documentation. If our previous article ran that builder should be free of the paperwork, so that he could make more money on new projects. Whereas medical personnel need hands to be free to save more lives! It sounds much more humanly, don’t you agree?

Daily doctors and nurses have to fill out patients’ registration cards, medical prescriptions, notes about carrying out the treatment and the discharge from medical institution. If previously these…

Market analytics by Nexticy cloud team

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Nowadays there is a multitude of services for electronic documentation in the field of construction. And sometimes it’s not a simple task to choose the appropriate one. So Nexticy team carry out the market analytics and tried to identify strong points and weaknesses of main competitors. We offer you a look at it in order to simplify your choice.

All investigated services can be classified by the type of created content: - universal — create forms for any industry of business and life (Nexticy cloud, iForm, naturalForms Enterprise, iPEGS Form Builder); - non-diversified —…

Alternative for paperwork in construction

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Сomplexity of construction paperwork

Construction is a field of human activities that requires a huge amount of daily documentation and paperwork. Therefore, a lot of time is needed for regular handwritten reports and bills. We attempt to save it in conditions of global production’s automation and optimization. To be more precise — to redirect this time to search of the additional earnings.

Now web services and mobile apps that simplify document flow and replacement of old-fashioned paperwork with modern gadgets became increasingly popular. This is not a secret that mobile devices have long become a working tool not only for the great ones of…

Update for Nexticy Cloud for iPad is coming in a few days. Thus, we introduce you a review of the new features and strong points of this version:

  • The subscriptions have been removed. Now everything is free.
  • The interface has been simplified. Three main screens were replaced by one.
  • The workflow of the form builder has been improved. It has become easier to create a form.
  • The “Publish” button has been added. Tap it and your template will immediately become ready for use as a form and will be uploaded to your Nexticy Cloud account.
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The Nexticy Reader icon in AppStore
  • The way of sending forms…

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Today we will tell you about Nexticy Cloud for iPad — the product which will save a lot of time and earn some extra money in your business. Solution of multitude problems in any business is implemented with such instrument as a fillable form. For example, registration of clients, collecting of reporting, reviews and feedback, questionnaires, tests, etc. And everything you need for a full cycle of operations with forms you can do with Nexticy.

Precisely with our app you get not only a complete form but achieve the results of its exploitation.

This platform allows you to create and…


We create apps to increase your business productivity. Learn more on poemsolutions.com & nexticy.com

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