Alternative for paperwork in construction

Сomplexity of construction paperwork

Construction is a field of human activities that requires a huge amount of daily documentation and paperwork. Therefore, a lot of time is needed for regular handwritten reports and bills. We attempt to save it in conditions of global production’s automation and optimization. To be more precise — to redirect this time to search of the additional earnings.

Now web services and mobile apps that simplify document flow and replacement of old-fashioned paperwork with modern gadgets became increasingly popular. This is not a secret that mobile devices have long become a working tool not only for the great ones of this world. Nowadays your tablet and smartphone are an integral part of work process, especially in the construction industry. They can store not only blueprints but also also record all ongoing processes directly on-site, create daily reports, invoices, estimates, and other documentation. These documents are no longer needed to be stored in your desk in such a huge stack, to be filled in manually staying in office. As far as you don’t need to go through the received data for further analitics. Now they are always right at your hand, on your device. It saves money, time, direct man-hours and space in your desk.

Do you agree with our thesis or traditional paperwork is still strong and unwavering? What kind of documentation you and your builders use?

Looking forward to your responses in comments.

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