Medical e-docs as a great alternative to useless paperwork

Healthcare is the most important industry of Homo sapiens’ life. At the same time, it also heads the rating of time and efforts costs in the regular paper documentation. If our previous article ran that builder should be free of the paperwork, so that he could make more money on new projects. Whereas medical personnel need hands to be free to save more lives! It sounds much more humanly, don’t you agree?

Daily doctors and nurses have to fill out patients’ registration cards, medical prescriptions, notes about carrying out the treatment and the discharge from medical institution. If previously these activities required a stock of paper aimlessly stored in the archives, today we suggest you to use the mobile app on your tablet. This will not just save your precious time but also enable you to keep all your documents at your fingertips.

After providing market analytics Nexticy team has found a limited number of specialized services for the creation of medical e-docs. Using Dr Chrono you can «create custom clinical forms in minutes». The eloquent description says that the app gives the user complete templates with medical indications. At “minute” acquaintance with the service, complicated gradation of paid subscriptions with a variety of multi-level restrictions is evident. It reaches up almost to the possibility of simply installation of the app. Use only 4 clinical tools out of a long list in the description sounds quite convincing. However, you can always pay $ 279–639 to become a full-fledged user of the app.

With the help of Mediforms EMR you can fill in patient’s medical history and track each patient visit on your tablet. Significant complexity is the fact that fixed template is oriented on Gynecology. App’s developers made a promise that many other templates would be available in the paid version that had never been performed. So you should change your field of study or look for another app. It’s up to you :)

Another non-diversified app Enlive Paperless forms for Dentrix will allow dental office to completely eliminate paper processes from their workflow. At the same time specialists in chiropractic can use Patient forms for the same tasks.

But what if you’re a family doctor or a GP and your work requires to fill in forms of various sectors of medicine? More likely you want to use a single universal product.

We’ve got the solution! Nexticy cloud is a new generation form office for creation and management of medical forms of any complexity and orientation. To avoid repetition we refer you to our previous articles to get acquainted with the main features of the app. In this article we want to focus your attention on the fact that in the specialized storage of samples — in section Medical you can easily choose the appropriate one for yourself, from standard patient intake to specialized dental health history. Using the powerful functionality of the app, you will be able to customize selected template, so it will perfectly meet your needs. For example, you want to add a logo of your clinic, its address and telephone number, to fit your created report into the framework of the usual workflow. You can also specify any number and configuration of the fields, to collect all the necessary information. Thus for the registration of a new patient is more convenient to use the Input object, while for filling the medical history is more convenient to use the Checklist object for selecting one or more of your goal. You can also create a medical invoice with an intuitive medical bill format using the built-in calculations and the Table object. Medical reports and certificates of every kind and complexity can easily be created and filled with Nexticy cloud. Our app is suitable not only for doctors who have sent their minds and hands on humans’ treatment but also for veterinarians. If you need to create a veterinarian survey or nutrition log for your work and you don’t want to spend hours creating your own — our forms are just what you are looking for.

Pleasant bonus for users is the opportunity to order a form of any complexity, which our support team will create fast, qualitatively and individually — that matters most! You can also order a personalized integration with a favorite service if it is not yet in the list of our ready-made integrations. Our team is open for any innovations to make your business more successful as well as your life easier.

Download Nexticy cloud today and go on!

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